• 2006

    Official establishment and registration

    GEP was established with the goal of designing and implementing new construction and installation systems, and by training its competent staff, it was successful in obtaining a qualification certificate from the planning and budget organization and, in cooperation with external consultancy firms, shown the real sense of the word energy efficiency optimization.

  • 2007

    The invention of the issuance of the technical identification of the building

    Along with the importance of professional construction in the country, the company, with the initiative and in ahead of other organizations, managed to invent the technical identification of the building in form of guideline manuals, and has been issuing and distributing these certificates through exhibitions.

  • 2008

    Obtaining Approval of Engineering Organization

    With the efforts of the members of the company and with the implementation of Article 33 of the National Building Regulations, the company, in addition to the design and implementation projects underway, obtained approval from the organization of the engineering system and in cooperation with top level consultants of Tehran managed to design more than 2 million square meter in 350 different projects

  • 2009

    Obtaining a formal patent certificate

    With the formation and activity of the research and development group, several design and construction projects were carried out, including new systems for energy saving in the building, which resulted in their patenting and obtaining a certificate from the Research Center for Housing and Construction. This led to the start of cooperation with the Energy Conservation Agency and the National Elite Foundation.

  • 2010

    Development of domestic and foreign business services

    Adding domestic and foreign business services to the company's services complex by creating air conditioning and refrigeration sales units

  • 2011

    Change in the board members of the company

    Applying changes to the company's board of directors and changing the company's legal address to a new location and separating offices into two parts: design and engineering, and headquarters and sales office

  • 2014

    Entering in one of the largest fan coil projects in the country

    The focus of the company is on design and sales based on technical and economic analysis with the aim of preserving national resources, saving energy and using modern ventilation systems simultaneously with the entry into one of the largest fan coil production projects in the country.

  • 2015

    Consultation and implementation of large-scaled projects of ventilation industry in the country

    Supporting tennis sports and participating in Kish Tennis International. Receiving the certificate of competence of the contractor and concluding several contracts in the phase of implementation of mechanical and electrical installations and entering the oil and gas industry of the country and concluding contract 12 Flooded Type Chiller in Iran


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