Background and Perspective

Background of GEP Engineering Company

GEP company was established in 2006 with the following goals in mind: presenting engineering services, designing, executing and supervising mechanical and electrical installations. The company has been successful in presenting pioneer services on well-known and large scaled projects with the help of its specialized and experienced staff. In order to achieve its goals, the company reformed board of directors and established a professional commercial department for supplying and specialized selling of technical and mechanical installations, air conditioning and refrigeration in 2010. By employing experienced staff and relying on our team’s technical and engineering background, the company was able to achieve an important path of fulfilling the technical and engineering needs of our customers, supplying the required equipment according to the last novel technology, installation and after-sale services. GEP Engineering company has achieved outstanding success in large scaled civil projects relying on its experienced managing staff as well as its specialized and technical experts bearing designing optimization according to initial expense and productivity. We can proudly express our strong liability to our potential business partners with the capability to simultaneously present engineering procurement and construction services.


Perspective of GEP Engineering Company

• Creating faithful customer’s club for updating awareness level of customers through holding technical seminars, visiting courses and practical workshops.
• Achieving an outstanding distinction with other opponents by presenting engineering services through all steps of purchasing, supplying, manufacturing, executing and installing.
• Attending the international competition market and gaining victory around other countries.
• Creating after-sale networks around the country for accessing required services within a short time-frame.
• Creating an aid organization for underprivileged children through dedicating a part of the company’s income and encouragement of participation of our colleagues and company’s customers.


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